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Serbia, Is gold laying under the dust?

At more than 30 locations in Serbia, about fifteen companies are currently looking for gold in our country, and research is also being done in Kuršumlija, Prokuplje, Blac, Aleksinac, Bosilegrad and Trgovište, Medveđa, Pirot and Bela Palanka. In addition to the ore fields in Bor and Majdanpek, the list of locations of the most significant occurrences of gold includes Cerovo in the municipality of Ražanj, Tulare and Kiseljak near Medveđa and Đavolja Varoš near Kuršumlija.

Ever since Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said in mid-December last year that, in addition to the gold and calcium carbonate deposits in Gadžin Han, another deposit had been discovered in one of the poorest parts of Serbia, speculations began as to which exact location the president was referring to, and then a few days ago it was announced that there is a rich deposit of gold in Žagubica.

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However, President Vučić now says that another gold deposit has been discovered in Serbia, which is better than the one in Žagubica and is among the 100 largest in the world, but he still does not reveal where the newly discovered place is.

What is known is that gold is being searched for in many locations in Serbia, including more than a dozen areas in Pcinja, Jablanica, Pirot, Toplica and Nišava districts.

In the table with the list of locations where research is being carried out, Ministry of Mining and Energy stated that research near Bosilegrad is carried out at the locations of Crnoštica, Resen, Gornja Ržana and Donje Tlamino.

Research is carried out by the Belgrade companies Golden age resources, Idera mineral resources exploration and Medgold company, and in addition to gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum are also sought.

The Medgold company Is also in charge of research for gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper on the Yellow Stone near Trgovište.

In the Jablanica district, the company Golden Age Resources is looking for gold at the Brod location near Crna Trava, as well as silver, copper, lead and zinc.

The Metalfer polymetals company from Sremska Mitrovica is in charge of research near Medveđa, and gold, silver, lead and zinc are being sought at the Stublo site.

In the area of Degrmen near Kuršumlija, the Belgrade company Dunav Minerals is in the phase of exploration for gold and non-ferrous metals, and the company Golden Age Resources is looking for gold and copper in the village of Đake.

Gold and copper research is also underway in Prokuplje, Blac and Aleksinac, and it is about the localities of Đulica and Garvanuš, and it is being done by the Belgrade company Tara gold.

Near Bela Palanka and Pirot, the Miniral group from Belgrade is searching for gold in the area of Miranovac.

Occurrences of gold near Raznje, Medveđa and Kuršumlija

The Ministry of Mining and Energy states that gold most often occurs in combination with other metals – copper, silver, lead, zinc, iron, and as the most significant gold deposits in Serbia, they single out the ore fields of Bor, Majdanpek, Veliki Krivelj, Cerovo, Čukaru Peka, but and the appearance of gold in Cerovo near Raznje, Tulare and Kiseljak near Medveđa and Đavolja varoš near Kuršumlija.

The most significant deposits of gold (in association with copper or independently in similar geological environments) are in the ore fields of Bor, Majdanpek, Veliki Krivelje, Cerovo, Čukaru Peka, as well as occurrences in Mali Krivelje, Tilva Njagra, Crni vrh, Vlaole Jasikovo, Gradište, Savinca , Rogozne, Tulara-Kiseljak, Đavolje Varoši, etc. Secondary concentrations of gold are concentrated in the area of Deli Jovan – according to the Ministry.

They add that at this moment in Serbia there are no certified reserves of gold as the dominant mineral raw material.

Where are the gold prospecting companies in the south from?

The company Golden age resources is a daughter of the company Balkan Metals Corp and was founded in 2018 in our country, while it is owned by Canadians. Maltese Medgold is a daughter of the Canadian company Medgold Resources, which is engaged in gold and silver exploration in the underexplored area of Southern Serbia.

Medgold is part of the “Gold” group based in Vancouver, which includes Fortuna Silver Mines, Radius Gold, Volcanic Gold Mines, Focus Ventures and Rackla Metals. They have been operating in Serbia since 2016, and their headquarters are in Zemun.

The third gold digger in the Balkans – Idera mineral resources exploration in Belgrade has been operating since 2019, and the company’s headquarters is in Slovenia.

The company Metalfer from Sremska Mitrovica, which is in charge of research near Medveđa, is a domestic company and has been working since 2012.

Dunav minerals, which has been operating in the Old Town since 2008, is a company from Luxembourg, and Tara gold is from Great Britain, while the representative office in Belgrade has been operating since 2016. Minerals Group, a company for the exploration and exploitation of ores, is from Belgrade and has been active since 2008.


Source: Serbia Business

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