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Mining South-East Europe


Mining & natural resources industry in East Europe countries have a long lasting history and plays an important role in national economies. Biggest companies and investment funds are present in SEE mining & natural resources projects.

We will keep track on all key natural resources in focus regions: base metals( aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc), ferrous metals ( iron ore, manganese, chrome), silver, gold, coal, oil and gas. All topics filtered thru technology, project management, Community & Stakeholder Relations, CSR, and environmental views.

The success of the economic reforms in Eastern Europe depends upon the capacity to develop new industrial relations: the large mining companies to be transformed into competitive capitalist enterprises and the role of the state must be redefined. Prospects for this transformation vary greatly, from metal to metal and from country to country.Environmental topics play a key role in mining development projects and one of the major influencing risks on overall investors Reputation Risk.

Restructuring of mining in Eastern Europe, and its alignment with world practice in managing environment topics in mining, will affect European and world commodities markets, both on the supply and demand sides. The promotion, transparency and integration of the Eastern European mining industries into the international mining community is the medium-term goal of all participants of MiningSEE network.

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