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Serbia copper production in Bor mining company

Smelter and Copper Refinery of MSB Bor in December achieved the largest anode copper production during 2014th.
Thanks to concentrate stocks of November, when the last overhaul of the old smelter in Bor was finished, and to higher copper contents in concentrate, it was produced 4,971 tonnes of copper anodes. Long aggregates utilization of 97.60 percent was achieved, because the delays were only 17 and a half hour, say in the Smelter.

“Several factors contributed that Smelter recorded a record monthly production in December. We had a large reserve of copper concentrate, which is consequence of downtime due to overhaul, it was processed the batch with higher metal content, and it was also observed long aggregates utilization”, says Gordana Videnovic, head of the Department for the technical-technological preparation in the Smelter.

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According to her, work with coppers, which contain a larger copper amount, enabled the converter operation to be shorter, thus it was accelerated the anode refining, which led to the fact that there was not anodes copper casting anymore.
Thanks to this drive work, concentrate and copper stocks in it with 15,304 tons in early December were decreased at 6,150 tons, and it was also recorded lower consumption of normative material per ton of copper anodes, states Videnovic, noting that financial company results also were improved by this.

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