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European Metals Holdings Ltd Awarded 3 permits from Czech Ministry of Environment

European Metals Holdings Ltd has today announced the recent granting of three key permits in the development of the Cinovec Lithium/Tin Project in the Czech Republic.


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The Preliminary Mining Permit covering the majority of the Cinovec Project has been awarded by the Czech Ministry of Environment.

A further Exploration Licence has been granted for the ground immediately south of the main deposit.

A de-watering permit has been obtained from the Ohře River Authority to pump out the historic workings.

Preliminary mining permit

As announced to the market on 3 February 2017, the Cinovec South Resource was formally added to the Czech State resource register, which was the first step in the process of the granting of a mining permit. As a next step, the ‘Preliminary Mining Permit’ has now been received. The permit covers approximately 1,500,000 m2 of the Cinovec deposit south area and is valid until April 2025. The Company has until that date to submit an application for the final mining permit and which it intends to do well before then. The granting of the PMP means that the regulatory oversight for the designated area is transferred from the Ministry of Environment to the Czech Mining Bureau which approves the final mining plan and delimits the final mining space. Both approvals are predicated on the results of an Environmental Impacts Analysis, which the Company has commenced.

Additional exploration licence

The Company has been awarded an additional exploration licence for the ground immediately south of the deposit. Securing this area allows the Company to begin preparatory geotechnical work for the exploration adit, including excavation of the adit itself when appropriate.

De-Watering permit

The historic Cinovec mine was closed in 1989 and the shafts were capped. Since that time, the workings have been partially flooded. The Company has been working with environmental consultants and relevant local authorities to secure the necessary permits to begin de-watering the mine well in advance of commencing operations. The initial permit has been received and the Company will now finalise the de-watering process. The Company aims to de-water the mine as part of the Definitive Feasibility Study to allow detailed geological, geotechnical and hydrological studies of the deposit. Accessing the underground workings will also allow collecting representative samples for pilot scale lithium carbonate production, which will be used to supply potential off-take customers.

European Metals Managing Director Keith Coughlan commented, “It is very pleasing to receive all of these permits and the licence in a clear and timely fashion. As there has been limited commissioning of new mining operations in the Czech Republic in recent times, the time line for the permitting process has not been specifically determined. The awarding of these permits increases our confidence in the future timing of operations and illustrates the support that development of the Cinovec Project enjoys in the Czech Republic.”

Source: directorstalkinterviews

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