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CRMA: Advancing EU industrial sovereignty and mitigating dependency on China

The deal, reached with the Council and the Commission in record time, aims to ensure the EU’s access to secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supplies of raw materials, enabling Europe to pursue its twin climate and digital transition and ensure its open strategic sovereignty.

The endorsed text strengthens EU’s resilience, cuts our reliance on third countries for materials used for strategic technologies and thereby lays strong foundations to accelerate towards more European sovereignty and competitiveness, crucial given the current geopolitical upheavals.

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Renew Europe MEP Nicola Beer (FDP, Germany), Vice-President of the European Parliament and Rapporteur on the Critical Raw Materials Act, declared:

“The Critical Raw Materials Act as adopted today by an overwhelming majority is the starting point for Europe’s path towards a secure and sustainable supply of raw materials. This will ensure growth and prosperity. Now it is up to the European Union to bring this goal to life: In the Member States and in the Commission, so that fast permit processes become a reality and private investments in raw materials projects are facilitated.

At the same time, smart and swift action is now required from Madrid to Malmö to ensure that Europe becomes a leader in research and development of innovative substitutes, that strategic partnerships with third countries are expanded, so that Europe can fulfil its ambition as a geopolitical and sovereign union.”


Source: renew europe.

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