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OCSiAl expands SWCNT dispersion facility in Serbia to boost battery innovation

OCSiAl has completed construction of a state-of-the-art facility in Serbia dedicated to producing single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) dispersions. This facility, set to commence commercial production in Q3 2024, represents a significant advancement with 15-times higher output capability compared to previous units, capable of producing up to 10 MT of dispersion per day. The optimized unit will cater to global EV producers and major Li-ion battery cell manufacturers through contracted outputs and collaborations.

SWCNTs offer superior properties over other carbon-based additives, such as multiwall carbon nanotubes and carbon black, making them ideal for enhancing the performance of Li-ion battery cells. The dispersions produced will primarily support projects involving energy-dense, silicon-rich, or fast-charging graphite anodes in EVs and consumer electronics.

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Beyond traditional applications, SWCNTs are increasingly pivotal in next-generation battery technologies like dry battery electrodes (DBE), semi-solid batteries, single-crystal NCM materials, and energy storage systems (ESS) featuring thick LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) cathodes. These applications leverage SWCNTs to create robust electrical networks within electrodes, ensuring stable performance during charging and discharging cycles.

Looking forward, OCSiAl plans to expand its global footprint with the launch of an SWCNT synthesis facility and research hub in Serbia by October 2024. By 2027, the company aims to establish its largest production site in Luxembourg, further enhancing the resilience and sustainability of its European supply chain.

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